I tried Motivational Jewelry For A Month And This Is What Happened

There are days when you feel highly motivated and nothing can tear you down but youig also have your that tend to differ. You feel and think that you have tried and tried; but you know those little dark thoughts are starting to crawl back into your mind. I’m no different, it feels more of a daily loss no matter what I honestly do; I write down the negative thoughts on paper and rip them up, attempt to get lost in my work to keep myself mentally pre-occupied and even write down positive things to tell myself but I just end up in tears even trying to look myself in the eye saying it.

At first, I honestly did not think much of the concept of “Motivational Jewelry.” I had originally thought of it as something tacky written on t-shirts and plastic bracelets; mostly utilized as a marketing tactic for those that tend to sell you their suddenly changed viewpoint of life.

However, I was going through my facebook timeline one day and normally, Facebook has sponsored ads that pop up mid-timeline for promotional purposes. There was a random jewelry sponsored post that had appeared on my timeline and caught my eye; I tried to go back and find the post to screenshot it, for this blog post, but I couldn’t find it. However, it was a picture in front of Cinderella’s castle, the camera was focused on two bracelets: a gold bracelet that reads “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” and a silver bracelet that reads “Keep moving forward.”

I recognized that those were Walt Disney quotes and they were my favorite. I clicked on the link provided by the post and it took me by surprise.


I have honestly been fooled before by facebook ads before; ad looks inviting, you go to the site and it passes off as legitimate but then it appears as a scam. 

However, there were actual reviews and actual instagram posts from real individuals who purchased these bracelets; one of them, I actually follow on instagram (@styledbymagic). Therefore, I was willing to give this website a chance and look around for the bracelets I saw. There were a variety of Disney, Star Wars & real world inspired bracelets to look through and I actually enjoyed the slight variety of metal options: Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. 

However, I wanted those two specific bracelets and found out that they had a section for sales and bracelet bundles. Luckily, I had actually found them as the “Walt Bundle.” I quickly fell in love and chose both silver and rose gold; the two bangles shown in the image but their materials switched onto the other. At first, I was hesitant to jump to checkout since I wanted to make sure that I would be one, receiving what I would be paying for and two, my desire to donate towards the cause of supporting “Exceptional Care for Children.”

With a little bit more looking around, I had found out that the bracelets do not tarnish, they are adjustable and the business offers both free shipping and free returns on all their orders.

With that, I was sold; my wallet cried a little but I was willing to give it a try. 

The delivery was very fast since I live close to the location where the jewelry is usually shipped from.  I was honestly excited since I normally do not purchase motivational products or let alone, jewelry. The packaging was honestly very elegant and made me feel classy.

You can briefly find my unboxing and review of these bracelets on my instagram.

The small boxes were a smooth white color liland read “Lilian and Co.” on the front. When I opened the little boxes, I had found a white, velvety material bag in each box that had also read “Lilian and Co.” in black and sophisticated lettering. The bracelets felt smooth and shined beautifully in the light, they felt nice to hold and I had fun comfortably adjusting the bracelets to a comfortable size on my wrist.

It honestly felt good to read my favorite quotes on my wrist and made me realize that it’s okay to spoil yourself every once in a while. Ever since I had purchased them, I started wearing them out more and mostly wearing them to work.

During the month of wearing them, I honestly liked looking down at them and giving myself a little bit of positive push since work tends to be stressful at times. Some days, I had my ups and I had my downs but it was alright since it was okay to keep telling myself to “Keep Moving Forward.” I had actually chosen these because of my own fond respect for Walt Disney himself; the dream he had, I don’t consider myself a motivational speaker but it felt good to think that I had something that was positive, Disney themed and simple.


The bracelets honestly suited my own taste of jewelry preferences: I do not enjoy big or flashy jewelry that kinda puts you as the center of attention in an uncomfortable manner. I prefer simplistic pieces that are quietly elegant and can be worn daily. I also love rose gold jewelry; Gold can be a bit too flashy and attracts too much attention, Silver is calmer and more mature but can pass off as being plain. However, Rose gold can be viewed as a balance between toning down the attention of gold and still retain that calm mature tone of silver.

I would honestly recommend this as a gift for those that enjoy stacking bracelets and giving into their Disney or Star Wars desires. They can be paired with various Alex and Ani bracelets as well or even an elegant watch; which you can find on the Lilian and Co. website.

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