Seasonal Decor for the Office & Home

Even though the Fall season does not officially start until September 22, there is never a reason 'not' to start setting up your decorations early. Normally, there are different websites that state that "Putting up your holiday decorations early can make you happier." There could be some truth to this recent 'study' but everyone reacts … Continue reading Seasonal Decor for the Office & Home

Strange & Sweet Smoothie Flavors

Ikea is normally my go-to place for the customary ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories and the occasional food and drink tasting. Recently, I had gone to IKEA to find some simple utensils but ended up purchasing these interesting smoothies that were called "MUNSBIT" Oat smoothies. I had purchased one of each flavor that was offered: Blackcurrant, … Continue reading Strange & Sweet Smoothie Flavors