Seasonal Decor for the Office & Home

Even though the Fall season does not officially start until September 22, there is never a reason 'not' to start setting up your decorations early. Normally, there are different websites that state that "Putting up your holiday decorations early can make you happier." There could be some truth to this recent 'study' but everyone reacts … Continue reading Seasonal Decor for the Office & Home

Well, ‘It’s Over, isn’t it Pearl?’

Rose Quartz was a gem that was fueled by her own passion for life and humanity in an effort to protect earth. An individual that believed that gems should be able to do as they please and be who they want to be. She was the leader of the crystal gems alongside Pearl, while proceeding … Continue reading Well, ‘It’s Over, isn’t it Pearl?’

“Glamour Jewelry” is a Girls Best Friend

Recently, I had collaborated with "Glamour Jewelry Box" company for my latest unboxing video and it was honestly a refreshing feeling. Normally, when you have various subscription box companies that offer you jewelry there's always a catch. The concept for various jewelry subscription boxes is pay the monthly fee, receive the jewelry; should you keep … Continue reading “Glamour Jewelry” is a Girls Best Friend